Table Reservation Tool (TRT) FAQ

1. What do I need in order to use an online reservation tool?

You can use our reservation tool via your own website or via an Internet Presence website.

If you have a website from another provider, register via Following this, you can either integrate the tool into your website yourself, or provide us with the contact details of the website developer (you can find all the required information in the logged-in area of our website).

If the website doesn't exist yet, you are welcome to set one up using our website construction kit. It doesn't require any prior technical expertise, just click on the link!

2. What are the benefits of an online reservation tool?

Your guests can reserve a table with you at any time.

You can set up the tool so that some of the reservations will be automatically accepted, so that you can save a bit of time.

Using the feedback function, customers can give you a rating that is only visible for your restaurant. Consequently you can optimize your restaurant and make even more guests happy.

You build up a guest database, and can use this for email marketing. Then you can easily send a newsletter to all your guests (or to a particular group) to keep them up to date with news.

3. What do we do differently from other reservation systems?

Your reservation tool is linked directly to your website.

We are not a reservation portal, the reservation tool is visible on your website and not on a big portal with many other restaurants.

4. How do I log in?

You can view your daily reservations directly at

If you have an Internet presence website, you can simply log in with your Internet presence login details.

If you have a website from another provider, you choose your password when you set up the reservation tool.

5. I have forgotten my password. What is my password?

You can just choose "forgot password" on the login page, and put in your username (email address). Shortly afterwards you will receive an email with a link to reset password.

6. Where can I get support?

There are various ways to get help from us. First of all, check our help and FAQ section to see if your question has already been answered. If you still need assistance with an issue, just contact us by:

Austria: +43 800222797,
Belgium: +32 3 328 90 91,
Croatia: +385 800 111 550,
Czech Republic: +420 734 267 946,
France: +33 809 36 09 09,
Germany: +49 211 9699980,
Hungary: +36 1 8887878,
Italy: +39 02 51716969,
Poland: +48 22 500 1100,
Portugal: +351 21 425 8777,
Spain: +34 913219949,
Turkey: +90 212 4105350,
Ukraine: +380 800 401 414,

7. What is my user name?

Have you forgotten your username? No problem, first of all, look in your mailbox for the email “Welcome to the reservation system”. If you can't find it, please contact our support at:

Austria: +43 800222797,
Belgium: +32 3 328 90 91,
Croatia: +385 800 111 550,
Czech Republic: +420 734 267 946,
France: +33 809 36 09 09,
Germany: +49 211 9699980,
Hungary: +36 1 8887878,
Italy: +39 02 51716969,
Poland: +48 22 500 1100,
Portugal: +351 21 425 8777,
Spain: +34 913219949,
Turkey: +90 212 4105350,
Ukraine: +380 800 401 414,

8. How does an online reservation work?

Your guest goes onto your website and puts the number of guests, the desired date and time into the input form. In the next step, he/she gives his/her name, email address and telephone number, and has the option to write an additional comment (any preference regarding seating/table arrangements etc.). Finally, the guest must accept the terms of use and the privacy policy in order to complete the reservation.

9. How do I find out about new reservations?

You automatically receive an Email and a SMS with the information that a new reservation has been made.

You can set up automatic notifications for you and your team under Settings > Notifications.

You can see these reservations in your reservation overview at

At you can adjust the settings for when the guest receives email and/or SMS confirmation for his/her reservations.

You can cancel a reservation manually using the “Reservations” menu item. Just select the reservation enquiry and click the “cancel” button. A window automatically appears for a personalized email. The guest will then be informed by email and SMS about the cancellation.

10. How can I view my daily usage statistics?

You can view your daily usage statistics in graphical format under Extras > Usage statistics. Guests and reservations per day are displayed, and in addition you can see how many guests made enquiries and how many reservations you confirmed.

11. What settings can I adjust for my reservations?

In order to avoid overbooking, you can enter your reservation times and capacity. Under Settings > Reservation times you can specify, when and for how long your restaurant is open.

In addition, under Settings > Tables/Places you can set how many seats you want to release. You can also put in your table plan here (including seats per table).

Under Settings > Reservation times, you can set the times at which your guests can reserve. Here you can also specify at which times or on which days reservations should not be possible. Keep in mind that the reservation times can differ from your opening times, because of duration time of a reservation. For example your opening time is 10am – 8pm, and your duration time is two hours, the last possibility to reserve would be 6pm. You can adjust your duration time and reservation times in the settings.

Under Settings > Discount times you can set whether, how much and when special offers i.e. discounts apply (e.g. on food in the afternoon). ,

Under Settings > Reservations you can set the duration and lead time so that the system knows how long the reserved seats are unavailable for, and you can prepare for your guests.

Under “Create reservation” you can also put in telephone bookings and walk-ins.

Under “Notifications” you can add recipients for notifications that ensure that you receive notifications.

12. How does the feedback function work?

Under Extras > Feedback, you have an overview of all ratings from your customers.

Each guest who uses your online reservation system automatically receives an email 24 hours after his/her visit asking for feedback. Using the link, he/she can rate his/her visit, providing you with important clues as to what you can do better. The customer receives the option to rate your food, drinks and service on a 5-star basis. In addition, the guest has the option to attach a personalised message to his/her feedback.

The feedback is not public, it is only visible to you.

13. What are the reservation statistics?

These statistics provide you with information about how many reservations you have confirmed and how many open inquiries there are.

14. What costs do I incur?

There are no basic charges or follow-up costs for the owner of a Metro card.

15. I'm fully booked, what now?

That's remarkable and no problem at all! Simply add an exception under Settings > Reservation times. If the whole day should be unavailable for guests, just put in the date. If only a certain time is already fully booked, simply set a time period on that day in which places are still available.

16. How can I change the language of my system?

In the navigation under Language > Current language, you can change the language.

17. How can I link the reservation system with my website?

You already have your own website? Under, you can either link the reservation tool to your website yourself, or contact your web developer or agency directly using the link and send them all the necessary information for the integration

You have neither an Internet Presence nor another website? The best thing to do is to quickly and easily build your own website: Otherwise, you also have the opportunity to leave your reservation overview on without website access.

Under Settings > Help you will find instructions including images for how to integrate the reservation tool into websites from, or any other internet site.

18. How can I accept, delete or modify bookings that I have received?

All reservations can be edited under “Reservations”.

Depending on your settings, reservations must initially be confirmed/accepted or cancelled here.

19. I can't edit my table plan, why is that?

If there is a reservation on a table, you can't delete the table. If you set the “Tables” setting under “Settings > Tables/Places” to inactive, then you can delete it.

20. How can I cancel?

If you want to cancel permanently login to your reservation tool and go to section "Account", there you can delete your account and your personal data.

21. How can I view my stored personal data?

Login to your reservation tool and go to section “Account”, there is the possibility given to export and view your stored personal data.

22. How can I delete my stored personal data or my account?

Login to your reservation tool and go to section “Account”, choose “Delete account” and your account and your personal data will be deleted.